Service Providers are aiming to enhance their customer’s experience while balancing a demanding workload. IS-A-TASK supports their efforts with tools to define processes, provide controlled transparency and prove defensibility.

Define Processes

Defining processes to help a corporation, government agency, or law firm manage their E-Discovery requests is essential for success and to retain repeat business. 

Regardless of the Service Provider’s defined processes, IS-A-TASK is nimble enough to adjust to each unique environment so that users don’t have to conform to a solution that may not be right for their organization. The dynamic nature allows users to customize workflow and other elements to support any organization model.

Provide Transparency

As more competitors enter the marketplace, it has become increasingly important to incorporate tools and technologies to connect to the customer. 

IS-A-TASK helps service providers enhance their customers’ experiences by inviting the customer into the tool, with limited visibility and access rights. This allows the customers to see how their E-Discovery project will be supported and where it is in the pipeline. 

Prove Defensibility

Defining project scope is the most critical aspect of a case to control risk, cost, and project deadlines. The increased penetration of E-Discovery production technology has created additional challenges for project managers. Not only do they need to collect and manage the scope of a project, they also have to consult on best-practices on how data should be handled across the EDRM

IS-A-TASK helps create accountability by establishing an audit trail of how or why events took place. Leverage IS-A-TASK to assist with scope management and to defend the project workflow.

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