Government agencies are looking to streamline and modernize their E-Discovery processes and infrastructure. IS-A-TASK supports their efforts with tools to mitigate volume, appease a variety of stakeholders and increase intelligence.

Mitigate Volume

Currently, agencies are using an assortment of in-house and compartmentalized tools to handle E-Discovery requests. These systems often do not ‘speak’ to one another, causing a duplication of efforts; plus the tools are not typically equipped to handle the high volume of productions.


IS-A-TASK secures agencies with a system that can handle thousands of records across all submodules with quick retrieval of important information. Further, agencies can migrate existing tools with this one-stop-shop of E-Discovery legal project management, which can ‘speak’ to case management and other required systems. 

Appease Stakeholders

Agencies are constantly balancing the varying, and sometimes contradictory, needs across attorneys, litigation support, experts and contractors. It has proven difficult to find one solution that can work for all parties involved in the E-Discovery process.

However, IS-A-TASK is an advantage for both sides of the house: those who manage projects and those who actually complete the project work. In addition, agencies will find that project workflows can carefully span across stakeholder groups resulting in seamless and efficient communication.

Increase Intelligence 

Managing financial and human resources in addition to understanding E-Discovery patterns to forecast future deliverables are often top priority for agencies. Unfortunately, agencies don’t always achieve this if using decentralized systems with varying methods of project delivery.

By implementing IS-A-TASK, agencies can contain cost by having all parties work within one application. Further, by consolidating tools, they can gain better insight on issues, project deliveries and audits to better understand future project needs via system-wide reports. 

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