Law Firms are looking to establish a set of best-practice guidelines to help them organize and perform their daily activities when supporting their customers. IS-A-TASK supports their efforts with tools that ultimately improve collaboration, ensure versatility and advance accessibility.

Improve Collaboration

One of the core responsibilities of a law firm is to protect the interests of their customers. Traditionally, they’ve served as the conduit between developing case strategies while maintaining external partnerships with the service providers who handle all E-Discovery projects. Currently, more-and-more firms are managing E-Discovery processes internally to support their case strategies. 

IS-A-TASK can assist with this dynamic exchange of both traditional and current approaches. Law firms can manage internal requests while also still pushing requests to external teams. This provides a consolidated and collaborative approach at handling cross-matter management.

Ensure Versatility

Each litigation matter has its own rhythm in regards to its beginning and end, and its own set of workflow needs. Attorneys and legal project managers are challenged by this not only because there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but also because they know they may need to course-correct at any stage of the case’s lifecycle. 

IS-A-TASK was designed to be flexible to support these daily efforts. Users can adjust case details on-the-fly, as well as adjust templated workflows for one-off projects at any time.

Advance Accessibility

With law firms managing multiple partnerships to assist with E-Discovery efforts, legal project managers have to constantly remain ahead of the demand for project data and information. 

IS-A-TASK provides an environment that allows for real-time status updates and reporting across all phases of the E-Discovery process. Users can readily pull out project statistics or updates as information is stored in a secure cloud-computing environment that is accessible from any browser.

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