Corporations are looking to implement processes and tools to collect and preserve information with ease and efficiency. IS-A-TASK supports their efforts with tools that contain cost, maximize control, and minimize risk. 

Contain Cost

Corporations are ultimately looking for ways to reduce costs across a case’s lifecycle.  Even though project management activities are handled differently across corporations, IS-A-TASK was designed to be highly configurable so that all organization types could benefit. 

By using IS-A-TASK, users can consolidate all of their evidence tracking, project management and billing processes into one platform to create a standardized approach. 

Maximize Control

As corporations become more strategic with information governance and data management, they’re delegating parts of the EDRM process to internal teams, and other parts to external groups for support. The more stakeholders there are involved in a case, the more room for miscommunications or for information to fall through the cracks. 

Implementing IS-A-TASK allows for internal & external groups to work successfully within their team and across all teams on shared projects. Users can set-up various permissions and securities so that all stakeholders can work within one platform with efficiency and proper visibility.

Minimize Risk

Retrieving and compiling historical information for cases can be cumbersome. Not only can a case’s lifecycle last for years, but also information could span document types, be in different network directories or be embedded in employees’ email exchanges. Corporations often struggle to prove defensibility or chain of custody methodologies, especially in a timely manner. 


With IS-A-TASK, corporations can quickly obtain required information across Media, Custodians, Productions & Projects despite employee turn-over or internal filing policies. 

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