IS-A-TASK Legal Project Management Solution

What Is IS-A-TASK?

IS-A-TASK is a legal project management software application developed to alleviate the bottlenecks that occur when managing projects across the entire E-Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).  

Because the E-Discovery process is highly transactional in terms of workflow, scope and case needs, IS-A-TASK was designed to be flexible and easy-to-use while containing robust features to support the overall process.

IS-A-TASK is not just another tool to add to the eDiscovery project manager’s tool box.  Instead, it consolidates several steps into one, so project managers can spend more time consulting with their customers, and less time performing tasks.

IS-A-TASK Saves Time & Reduces Cost:

· Reduce Cost with Subscription License Model

· Install on the Cloud or Behind-the-Firewall 

· Be up-and-running in 1-Day Installation Timeframe

· Login with Active Directory (LDAP) 

· Integrate with Email System

· Use across Browser Types

· 508 Compliant

IS-A-TASK Centralizes Project Administration:

· Establish Internal & External Teams & Services with Cross-Team Workflows

· Design Custom Task Instruction & Data Outcome Forms 

· Integrate Pricing, Invoicing & Budgeting per Client/Case

· Report on key metrics 

IS-A-TASK Concentrates Project Scope Details:  

· Track Media with Chain of Custody

· Load & Interview Case Custodians with Customizable Interview Forms 

· Manage Inbound/Outbound Productions with an Audit Trail

· Build Robust Project Instruction Forms

· Retrieve Project Scope in just a couple clicks 

IS-A-TASK Integrates Teams:  

· Replace email with in-application communication tools

· Customize email alert templates 

· Assign Tasks or ToDos across Team Members 

· Update Project Details & Track Versions in Real-time 

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