About Us

Our Vision


To collaborate with industry leaders on building the best of breed project management solution.  Our vision is to help bring those who manage projects and those who do the work closer together for a tighter collaboration experience.  

Our Mission


To empower E-Discovery professionals through the use of our legal project management software and consulting services, so that they can increase efficiency and improve communication, while minimizing risk and reducing cost throughout the entire EDRM lifecycle. 

Who We Are


Inovitech, established in 2011, is a 100% woman owned business located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We specialize in building cloud-computing business applications and consultancy services to legal professionals.


What We Offer

We work with a wide span of organizations, from corporations to government agencies, and from law firms to service providers. Our goal is to help them improve business process, enhance workflow strategies, and refine technology solutions around legal case work. 

In order to advance your E-Discovery organization and processes, we apply a multi-faceted approach to our strategy.


  • Partner with the absolute best and brightest technical staff


  • Recruit intellectual personnel who excel in problem-solving and providing sustainable solutions
  • Ensure customer’s needs are met and are receiving the best support possible 


  • Research industry and technology trends to keep current on best-of-breed solutions
  • Develop solutions to resolve complex pain points while ensuring a user-friendly interface